Whether you seek to further business opportunities, gain employment, or remove the obstacles and allow love in, there is a spell or ritual available fo suit your needs. Spellwork and Rituals are customized to help achieve your goal.  The price of the working depends on the situation, prep time-energy, and materials required for the specific working. Some workings can be performed in a single day, others require specific times, Moon cycles and length of time to prepare, channel and cast.  Payment plans are available upon request depending on the situation.  A 15 consultation is recommended for Spellwork and rituals and payment which will carry over to the working should you wish to continue with the Spellwork.  Purchase of Spellwork includes daily updates, pictures and focus of the workings, as well as candles, Charmed bags and amulets, depending on Spellwork.


Price is a starting price. some spellwork may require additional time or research that may increase the price. Please email mysticdylan@gmail.com to get a full quote on your desired spell.