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t E S T I M O N I A L S 


"Dylan jumps right in to the reading and gives you so much information in an uplifting way.  He truly has a gift and I enjoy getting regular readings from him.  Many psychics only work with questions and he doesn't need that, which is a true psychic read in my opinion!"


"What can I say say, Dylan is a truly masterful psychic. The whole experience is really profound and professional. He makes sure to ground you prior to your session and will use different means of fortune telling based on what the situation calls for. Everything he told me is exactly what I needed to hear, perhaps they were things I already felt were true beneath the surface but I just needed confirmation from an outside source the reaffirm them. He really only wants the best for his clients and wishes to see them thrive and find their true path. A thousand thank yous Dylan, you're definitely my go to."


"Dylan was so intuitive. The reading was comfortable, informative, and inspiring. I cannot believe how easy it was to find insight through my short time with him."


"I've been getting Tarot readings and taking classes from Mystic Dylan for almost a year now. He is so amazing! His knowledge of witchcraft, divination, Voodoo and Hoodoo  is phenomenal and I learn something new every time I see him. As a reader, he always seems to know exactly what I need to hear, no matter what my question is or even if I didn't have a specific question to ask. As a teacher, he comes up with the coolest lessons in witchcraft and divination. I really enjoyed taking his class about Voodoo and Hoodoo at the Mystic Museum a while ago. I will continue to support him as best as I can by taking his classes and getting Tarot readings from him while also learning to read Tarot cards myself. I encourage anyone who has never had a Tarot card reading to go see him!!!"


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