The Fool

The Fool is the 1st card in the Tarot, and the first of the 22 cards in The Major Arcana. The Fool is represented by the numerical value 0. This symbolizes infinity, as the circle making the "0" has no beginning or end. Because of this, it does not belong at the beginning or end of the Tarot deck; rather, one can consider it as separate from the other cards.

The Fool does not play by the rules - he crosses boundaries and he dances to the beat of his own drum. He can be considered spontaneous and care-free. When this card appears in a reading, it can symbolize someone who embraces adventure, turns a blind eye towards chaos, and jumps into the fray.

The Fool is also very trust-worthy and a great ally. While it is a card that symbolizes naiveté, it also symbolizes someone starting a journey of personal growth. However, that same innocence suggests a susceptibility to trouble and danger, so be wary of dares and peer-pressure. Someone pulling this card may seem eternally optimistic and jolly, but they must take heed that it is not too a fault. One should hold on to his dreams and continue being hopeful.

If you are plagued with a difficult decision, you can use the fool archetype to your benefit and throw caution to the wind.

Sometimes you have to leave things up to chance in order to fully realize your dreams.

The Hierophant

Sometimes called the Pope card in earlier Tarot decks, the Hierophant is the wise man, the priest. He is sympathetic, yet can be stern. He is spiritual and non judgmental.

When this card appears it may be time to focus on your spirituality. Meditation, yoga, working with oracle cards, or any other form of divination. This card represents the need for spiritual structure. Embrace the family traditions that have been passed down. Maybe get involved in a group setting. Start a book club, take a class, join a gym or church. Work on the inner you.


The Strength card's meaning is all in its name. Now is the time to bear down and pull through; you may be in a difficult situation, but you have to be confident and hopeful in order to get through. This card is about self confidence, control and resilience. You may feel overwhelmed with the pressures and feelings of the outside world. Other people may be coming to you with all their concerns and woes, don't be afraid to shut them out and focus on yourself.

The Magician

The Magician is a skilled individual, master manipulator and entrepreneur. He is a jack of all trades and a conduit between this world and the divine/spiritual realm. The Magician does not solely rely on one talent to make him successful. He is well versed in many aspects of life - politics, entertainment, etc.

When the magician appears in a reading it is telling you to think outside of the box and to delve into other interests or talents you may have These may not be apparent to you initially, so dig in despite how obscure the interest or talent may seem. Try and become more well-rounded. Read up on topics you have always been interested in or perhaps those you never thought you would like.

Who knows what you may discover. Knowledge is power.

The Empress

The Empress is the Mother Hen of the Tarot, she keeps all the other cards and archetypes in place and offers her support and affection to those who deserve it and need it. She is Gaia, our Earth Mother. She offers us a shoulder to cry on, support and motherly advice. She represents ancestral wisdom and your family heritage. When this card appears you should not be afraid to look to the support of your mother or family. The empress is also the nurturer of the garden that is your soul. Tap into your feelings. Let it all out.

Keep both feet planted firmly on the ground, embrace life and the riches around you, but also be aware of your senses and be level headed. When this card appears it can also indicate a birth...whether it be the physical birth of a child or the birth/creation of a new idea, situation or the manifestation of something you've created.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess, like The Magician, is a conduit between the world of the mundane and that of the spiritual realm. Her words and wisdom are sacred, as she is the voice of the divine and the keeper of hidden mysteries. Now is the time to rely solely on your intuition. You hear the words in the back of your head, that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Instead of acting on emotions, wait a bit for things to fall into place. Take a deep breath. Don't weigh heavily on other peoples words, thoughts or feelings about a situation. Trust your instincts. What is The High a priestess telling you?

When this card appears, sometimes it is best to withdraw from a situation and let things fall into place. If you have a keen sense that you know the outcome of something or how a specific situation will play out, be confident in your outcome/prediction and let fate take its course. No need to try and persuade others or prove that you are correct, just let things be. Same thing goes if you get bad/ ominous feelings about a situation...don't be afraid to withdraw or decline an invitation. Trust your gut!

Wheel Of Fortune

This card represents a major turning point for you. Things are coming into fruition and change is on its way. Whether it be the prospect of a new job, promotion, car, or even a move, something is coming. This is a time to scratch those lotto tickets, look on the ground for those lucky pennies and search for those four leafed clovers. This card brings about good tidings and great energy. Keep that optimism high and be ready to start receiving those gifts. Remember that we are talking about a wheel though and like a wheel things turn around. Do not be surprised if there are some struggles before all the success and glory.